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It’s Been A While…A Small 2020 Update From My Little Bubble

I know it’s been far too long since I’ve written a blog. My new job has been all too consuming and I am long overdue to give a full and complete update here and I promise I will do that.

I made a Facebook post today because my heart told me to and it seemed to resonate with so many people. My mom asked me to post it here so here goes. I promise to write more soon and fill you in on all the details soon but this should give you a good indicator of where I’m at.

I miss the blogging community so much and for now, I am writing every day but I am doing NaNowriMo – the National Novel Writing challenge that happens every November. Write 50,000 words in 30 days. Hopefully, when that’s over I’ll sit down and fill everyone in on what’s been happening in my world.

Here is my Facebook post from today:

2020. Enough said, right? This year really did a number on me — on most people, I’m sure. Recently, I had a change of perspective that came from talking to one of my employees. She sat in my office and just unloaded on me about all she had been through in 2020 and..like my story and so many others…it was filled with devastation, upheaval, revelations of truth and character, change, depression, anxiety, and uncertainty.

When she was done unloading, she finished with “Melissa, this year has just been awful.” I looked at her and said, “Has it, though?”

She looked at me like I was crazy.

And I meant it. Has it? I walked her through all the things that she learned about herself and the people in her life. I recapped all the things that had been revealed to her through all the trials she had gone through – things she needed to know but wouldn’t have known if it had gone a different way. We talked about all the ways she had learned from her mistakes and all the positive changes that emerged from all of it that (in the end) set her headed in the right direction both in her life and at work. 2021 looks bright for her.

And that conversation made me realize that it does for me, too.

This is the first selfie I’ve taken in almost a year:

2020 has put a few extra lines on my face. I can see that I am tired and emotionally drained (add a three-year-old who has, up until recently, slept in our bed with us for 8 solid months and a new job that has kept me running hard since the day I started)….but I have landed on my feet after battling all 2020 has thrown at me.

I have landed a job that can only be described as a dream come true or an answer to a five-month prayer (maybe even a lifelong one). My family has remained healthy through a global pandemic, and the result of the presidential election has given me, and so many others, a renewed sense of hope for the future. Even if we don’t agree politically, I hope your future is bright, too.

So now I say with great gratitude…thank you, 2020. Was this a hard year? Yes. One of the hardest of my life. Was it awful? Outside of not being able to hug my parents and my brother and my other extended family members, I can sit here now and say with absolute conviction “no”. A new perspective has shown me that 2020 turned out to be the great teacher I didn’t know I needed to propel me forward into greater things.

Also, please don’t get me wrong, I plan to celebrate the hell out of New Year’s Eve and bid 2020 the BIGGEST farewell possible. I’m sure there’s not enough champagne and noisemakers in the world to do the job right.

I truly hope all of you are rising victorious and discovering everything that makes you special and sets you apart from everyone else. I hope you have been able to redefine and reinvent yourself and leave this year better than you entered it….and as 2020 rounds its final corner, I send you all my love and respect for the courage you’ve displayed this year in just getting through it. Maybe 2020 truly is the year of perfect vision after all.

12 thoughts on “It’s Been A While…A Small 2020 Update From My Little Bubble

  1. SO happy to see a wonderful, insightful message in a long awaited blog! Sure have missed your stories and messages. I know your life is super busy and very rewarding too! I will proudly and happily share this and all to come! Love ya my beautiful DIL.

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  2. Reblogged this on From Cave Walls and commented:
    So happy to see my daughter update her blog with this Facebook post. I am so proud of her and her optimism. This year has not been easy on any of us and she and her family had a particularly difficult patch. To come out of it with a positive outlook is inspiring. I hope her words will resonate with you as they have with so many others. We may be divided politically, but we are all part of the same human race.

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  3. Great to read something so positive abour such an awful year. So glad the job is all you hoped for, and things have worked out so well in the end.
    And don’t beat yourself up about your selfie. You look lovely! 🙂
    Best wishes to you and your family.
    Pete. x


  4. Well I do admire your attitude, though for my part I still think it’s been the worst of years! I respect your point of view. Personally I pray that things get better soon, I have lost more than I can ever get back… I know I should be more like you but I am not. That said good on you. I hope you and all your family thrive and stay well. 💜


  5. I just got a thrill reading the phrase “one of my employees” since it reaffirmed the wonderful fact that you got a job during this trying time. May you all stay healthy and happy in your little home bubble..


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